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The biosciences are a diverse and often converging group of industries and activities with a common link – they apply knowledge to develop biological solutions that sustain, restore, and improve the quality of life for humans, plants, and animals in our world. From life-saving therapies and procedures, to healthier foods or cutting-edge research, you have undoubtedly enjoyed a better quality of life because of bioscience.

Along with the founding of the college the department also came into existence in the year 2002 with MSc & BSc Microbiology & Biotechnology programmes. The department has all requisite facilities for conducting all the courses.

UG PROGRAMMES OFFERED (3 Years, 6 Semester)

B.Sc. Microbiology

B.Sc. Biotechnology

PG PROGRAMMES OFFERED (2 Years, 4 Semester)

M.Sc. Biotechnology

M.Sc. Microbiology



Jyothi C Nair HOD MSc Biotechnology, NET
Elsa Paulose Asst. Professor MSc Microbiology
John Joseph Asst. Professor MSc Biotechnology
Haritha V S Asst. Professor MSc Microbiology, B.Ed
Subi B S Asst. Professor MSc, MPhil
Divya C G Asst. Professor MSc Biotechnology, B.Ed
P G Anagha Asst. Professor M.Sc Biotechnology
Elny Mathew Asst. Professor MSc Microbiology
Varsha Biju Asst. Professor MSc Biotechnology
Princy Paulose Asst. Professor MSc Microbiology, B.Ed
Cimmiya Susan Baby Asst. Professor MSc Microbiology
Jeena Sebastian Asst. Professor MSc Biotechnology