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Minutes of IQAC Meeting Held on 13.04.2021

Time:     1.30 pm to 2.30 pm

Venue:   Principal’s office


        • Research Publication of staff
        • Faculty of Registration for PhD
        • Certificate Course
        • Extension Activities


        • Dr. C V Thomas (Principal)
        • Mr. Sajid A M (IQAC Co-ordinator)
        • Prof. T V Jacob (HOD of Chemistry)
        • Mrs. Saumya T S (HOD of Computer Science)
        • Mrs. Meera M Nair (HOD of Business Administration)
        • Mrs. Jyothy C Nair (HOD of bioscience)
        • Mrs. Bindu K A (HOD of Statistics)
        • Mrs. Aneesa A Rahman(HOD of Electronics)
        • Mrs. Anjaly Jose ( HOD of Mathematics)
        • Mrs. Renju Paul (HOD of Zoology)
        • Mr. Shanavas P M ( HOD of Commerce)
        • Mr. Jishnu (Faculty member of Physics)
        • Mrs. Simi B L (Faculty member of Economics)
        • Mrs. Remyamol K R (Faculty member of English)

After making a discussion on the above agenda the following decisions have been taken:-

        • Criterion-wise data updates will be completed on or before August 2021.
        • All Ph.D., MPhil, and Ph.D. pursuing faculty members should publish their articles in UGC care list journals / Indexed Journals.
        • A cash award of Rs. 2500/- will be offered to the highest Indexed article in a Journal.
        • Most of the faculty members are advised to register for their research work as early as possible.
        • In an academic year, 10 duty leave will be provided for their research work.
        • Faculty members are encouraged to attend International conferences, Participate in and present Papers at them and attend workshops and collect Participation Certificates. Duty Leave will be provided on particular day/s.
        • Every Department should conduct a certificate/ diploma course with a 25 to 30 hours time span, with a detailed syllabus.
        • Detailed staff meeting has to convene to carry out the decisions.
        • A research publication coordinator for the college is proposed and decided upon in the meeting.
        • IQAC Department Internal Audit is scheduled for the 1st week of May 2021.

IQAC Coordinator