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IQAC –Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the institution aims at continuous improvement of the quality and achieving academic excellence. The Cell has been carrying out academic and administrative auditing periodically.


  • To develop a system to make better the academic and administrative performance of the institution
  • To ensure the improved performance of the institution through the participatory mode of all units of the institution contributing to quality enhancement of the products of the education process in the institution.
  • To provide excellent education responsive to the needs of the students which in turn would empower them to meet the challenges in their future lives.
Dr. Viji K Ramakrishnan, Principal
Prof. Sajid A M , Co-ordinator

Members of the IQAC

  • Viji K Ramakrishnan (Principal)
  • Mr. Sajid A M (IQAC Co-ordinator)
  • Ansari K P (Convener Criteria 1)
  • Jyothy C Nair (Convener Criteria 2)
  • Bridget Scaria(Convener Criteria 3)
  • Malik Dinar (Convener Criteria 4)
  • Meera M Nair (Convener Criteria 5)
  • Aneesa A Rahman(Convener Criteria 6)
  • Shameena K Muhammed (Convener Criteria 7)
  • Prof. T V Jacob (HOD of Chemistry
  • Saumya T S (HOD of Computer Science)
  • Shanavas P M (HOD of Commerce)
  • Bindu K A (HOD of Statistics)
  • Rincy (HOD of Zoology)
  • Badusha Basheer ( Administrative Officer)
  • Mrs. Joseena jose  ( librarian

Minutes of the IQAC 2020-21

On 03/02/2020 the IQAC meeting decided to initiate the documentation pertaining to NAAC Accreditation of the college within a span of 4 Years. All departments have been supplied with the NAAC criteria for accreditation. It was also decided to initiate the process of publishing a multi-disciplinary journal.

In the meeting of the IQAC on 04/03/2020 it was decided to prepare and standardize bridge courses for all programs (Admission 2020-21) and remedial courses for all ongoing programs. Besides, Prof. Harikanth S, the Co-Coordinator of the IQAC, has been authorized to constitute criteria-wise committees for NAAC accreditation of the college.

One Day Workshop on Academic Excellence