Admission started for the academic year 2024-2025

Admission Helpline
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A dress code (Uniform) is maintained in our college on specific days.

On nonuniform days Boys should not wear T-Shirts or fancy pants/trousers.
Dresses with wordings are not permitted.

On non uniform days girls shall attend the College wearing sarees or in traditional salwar kameez. They shall not come to the College in any other dress.

Students should wear their ID cards every day. ID card should be produced when demanded.

Any requisition or letter written by the students to the Principal should be counter signed by the HOD/Class Tutor.

Students are forbidden from writing, scribbling or painting on the walls, desks, etc.

Students found guilty of damaging, destroying College property will have bear the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged materials.

Smoking is prohibited inside the campus. Violators will be punished.

Eve teasers will be dismissed from the College.

Ragging is an offence. Any student found guilty of ragging will be dismissed from the College.

Students found using drugs or liquor will be dismissed from the College.

Students should refrain from participating in political or communal activities.

Students found guilty of using foul language or behaving rudely towards the staff members, will be expelled from the College.

Students must identify those who cause damage to the College property and report the same to the PRINCIPAL.