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Department of Computer science launched its association “LETZCOMP” on 21st Jan 2021, with a formal inauguration chaired by Mr. Abdhul Rahman Kutty (Employability Regional Directory Officer). The study of computers and their applications is widening each day. Computers have become an indispensable factor in our day-to-day lives. Their vast applications will lead to modern-day innovations when the 2 fields (Computer Science & Information technology) make further advancements. The primary focus of the association is to familiarize the students with the depth of the core subject and its various branches so as to guide them to choose their career to build upon. Further, virtual seminars and online meet-ups with experts all around the world surely help in the formation of future generations of Computer scientists. With LETZCOMP, students are provided a platform to step forward with their ideas of programs and algorithms and guide them until they become successful with the services of brilliant admin executives and staff.